Washington Work and Family Coalition

Please pass family leave out of the House!

Time is running out for Washington to pass a strong paid family and medical leave proposal this session, and competing proposals that would provide less leave, fewer benefits, and put the cost entirely on workers are gaining traction. Tell our state House to stay strong and pass the BEST version of paid family and medical leave!


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    Subject: Help me support paid family & medical leave!
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    I just took three minutes to send an email to my state representatives urging them to support this year's bill to provide paid family and medical leave for all Washington workers.

    This is extended paid leave that could be used during those challenging, unexpected or emergency life events: for the birth of a new child, a cancer diagnosis, or an aging parent.

    We've heard a lot lately about how contact from every day voters can make a difference. You should take a minute today and help me support this by sending your own email!