Last week, Sinclair Broadcast Group required hundreds of local news anchors to read scripted lines accusing the “mainstream media” of spreading fake news. The Seattle-Tacoma news station KOMO even ran the false news segment.

It’s an open secret that Sinclair Broadcast Group is a pro-Trump media corporation known for requiring stations to run conservative, nationally produced editorials. They own more than 190 local television stations across the country, including 27 local television stations right here in Washington. Sinclair's organized effort to generate mistrust of the media among unsuspecting viewers is dangerous to democracy.

We need to make sure that KOMO doesn't pull this stunt again. The best way to do that is to let them know exactly how we feel. Will you send a messaging urging our local KOMO station to stop running propaganda reels?

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KOMO: Don't be a mouthpiece for Sinclair
Subject: Sinclair's scripts are not journalism
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