Tell Starbucks not to sponsor Betsy DeVos

On October 13, Starbucks is sponsoring a table at a fundraiser for the Washington Policy Center featuring Trump's Education Secretary, Betsy Devos.

DeVos is a relentless advocate for school privatization who has shown little knowledge about protections for students with disabilities. Recently, she announced that she would roll back the Obama administration’s rules for handling sexual assaults on university campuses and even supports guns in schools to protect against grizzly bears. 

Starbucks customers deserve to know that their morning coffee isn’t funding right-wing organizations like the Washington Policy Center that support discrimination and undermine public education. Will you send a message urging Starbucks to drop their sponsorship of the Washington Policy Center and Betsy DeVos? 

10/5 update: Starbucks confirmed their sponsorship to education blogger Melissa Westbrook, who wrote about it here:

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