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Thank You for Passing Paid Leave

This week Governor Inslee signed the strongest paid family and medical leave program in the county into law. Let's thank Washington lawmakers for standing up for working families and passing paid leave.


From the Washington Work and Family Coalition and the partner organizations, workers, parents, small business owners, health experts and others who make up our grassroots organization: THANK YOU for your vote to pass paid family and medical leave for Washington’s working families.

Together with our coalition partners, we’ve been working to pass a comprehensive paid family and medical leave program for more than a decade. For too long, too many working Washingtonians had to choose between taking care of themselves or their families and their financial security.

With your courage and yes vote, families no longer have to make that choice, and thousands of workers and families across our state can have the peace of mind knowing that when they start a family or when one of life’s unexpected emergencies strike, they’ll be supported. We've created a program that will allow workers and small business owners to thrive, together.

Thank you! You were part of an historic effort to pass the most comprehensive paid leave program in the country.

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